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Painless Hair Transplantation at an Affordable Cost
Referred to as “crowning glory,” hair is undoubtedly one of the essential facets of our personality and style. Unfortunately, due to several factors like modern lifestyle, stressful work schedules, lack of nutrition, pollution, etc., most of us are left at crossroads between health, wealth, and beauty. In addition, Genetics, medications, hormonal changes, etc., also lead to temporary or permanent hair loss. The sight of hair strands on bathroom floors, couches, pillowcases, etc., leaves us petrified every minute. But not anymore, Medicacity is here for you with the most advanced Hair Transplantation Technique.

What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplantation or Hair Transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where the experts take healthy hair strands from other parts of your body and plant them in the areas where there are no hair follicles. Hair transplantation in Hyderabad is a long-lasting hair restoration treatment that includes a grafting/ transplanting technique. The grafting technique uses a round punch graft to pick out skin cells of healthy hair follicles from the donor site (hairy part of the body) and transplant them to the recipient site (the bald part of your head).

The best hair transplantation is usually performed by the best hair transplant surgeon specializing in trichology (the science involving concerns with hair and scalp).

Advantages of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation has many advantages such as:

– It is cost-efficient
High success rate
Less maintenance needed
Enhanced overall appearance
You will get natural hair growth
No need for long-term medications
It is a painless and scar-free procedure

So, a hair transplant surgery is the best option to get back your natural hair with minimal risk of complications. Medicacity Clinic takes pride in offering the finest treatment at an affordable cost. The advanced technology and modern equipment we use along with the efforts of our dexterous professionals will enable us to provide exceptional results with 100% satisfaction.


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