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Arm aesthetics involves procedures to improve the appearance of the arms through surgery.

Want sleek, taut, defined arms for summer? You are not alone. We all want to have beautiful arms, but that dream can prove elusive for some. Patients are not quite sure how to approach reshaping their arms. Should they undergo liposuction, CoolSculpting or skin removal? The good news today is that these are ALL viable options and choosing a plastic surgeon who has multiple tools in their arsenal is key to achieving the best outcome.

Liposuction is an excellent option for people with good skin quality and good body fat. In general, the liposuction cannula uses two small incisions, one near the upper armpit and the other above the elbow, to defat the arm for optimal results. You will be asked to wear a compression garment for four weeks after the procedure to minimize fluid buildup and help the skin recover for optimal results.

CoolSculpting is a fantastic option for people with minimal excess fat and good elasticity. This procedure takes place in the office and the final results are visible after approximately 90 days. Ideal for those looking for a “lunchtime” procedure with no downtime.

Brachioplasty or arm lift is suitable for patients with moderate to severe skin laxity and excess loose skin. Annual statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show exponential growth in arm lifts. This procedure involves an incision in the armpit area, extending all the way to the elbow if necessary, to remove sagging skin. There will be a permanent scar but it will fade considerably over time and for patients who have no other option than skin removal, the trade-off is acceptable.

So raise your hands and rejoice! We have more options and new techniques to achieve the ultimate arm. Put that dumbbell down if you’re not seeing the results you want, pick up your phone and have a free consultation to see what’s best for you.

At Medicacity Clinic, we understand the desire to have arms that exude confidence and elegance. That’s why we offer exceptional arm aesthetic services designed to address concerns and improve the appearance of your arms, leaving you feeling proud and confident.

Arm aesthetics encompasses a series of procedures and treatments aimed at remedying various problems such as excess fat, sagging skin or lack of muscle definition in the arm area. Our experienced surgeons at Medicacity Clinic are skilled at performing these procedures with precision and artistry, helping you achieve beautifully sculpted arms.

We offer the following procedures for arm aesthetics:

Liposuction: Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat deposits from specific areas of the upper arms. It can effectively target stubborn pockets of fat, creating a more shapely and proportionate appearance.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty): Arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, addresses sagging skin and excess tissue in the upper arm region. The procedure involves removing excess skin, tightening underlying tissue and reshaping the contours of the arm, resulting in firmer, more toned arms.

Non-surgical skin tightening: For people with mild to moderate sagging skin in the arms, non-surgical skin tightening treatments, such as radiofrequency or ultrasound therapy, may be appropriate. These treatments stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in firmer, tighter skin over time.

During your initial consultation at the Medicacity Clinic, our expert surgeons will assess your upper arm concerns, discuss your aesthetic goals, and recommend the best upper arm aesthetic procedure for you. They will consider factors such as your anatomy, skin quality, and overall health to create a personalized treatment plan that best meets your needs.

At Medicacity Clinic, we prioritize your comfort and safety throughout your arm aesthetic journey. Our dedicated team will provide you with comprehensive pre-operative and post-operative instructions, ensuring a smooth recovery process and optimal results.

It is important to note that arm aesthetic procedures are surgical procedures and they require a thorough examination. Our experienced surgeons will walk you through the procedures in detail, discuss the potential risks and benefits, and answer any questions you may have. They will guide you through the recovery period, monitoring your progress and supporting you every step of the way.

If you want to achieve beautifully sculpted arms and greater self-confidence, Medicacity Clinic is here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Discover the transformative power of arm aesthetics and embrace arms that reflect your inner strength and elegance.

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