Why Should I Have My Dental Crowns/ Full Veneers In Turkey?

Dental Crowns are durable and aesthetic coverings used to protect and enhance damaged or weak parts of teeth, preserving and beautifying them.

You will have a variety of treatment options by Medicacity Clinic dentists such as veneers, veneers, bridges, implants, braces, root canal treatment, dentures and more. They have the highest level of skill as they are more professional and experienced. We use the latest technology in our clinics to offer the best dental treatment to our patients in Turkey. Our clinic has placed so many crowns and veneers that they have made a huge investment in 3D CAD/CAM Technology.

Our patients will go on a dental holiday in Istanbul, one of the best destinations in Turkey. While their teeth and smiles are being treated, they can visit historical places, natural beauties or taste delicious and various Turkish dishes such as kebab, doner kebab, Turkish delight. Another issue is that we offer the best prices to our patients in all dental treatments. For example, the cost of dental crowns in our clinic in Turkey ranges from £100 to £300. To decide which dental veneer is best for your situation, please contact us for a free consultation.

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